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Established in 1989, RJT Conveyors is now firmly established as one of the leading suppliers of overhead conveyor chain and associated components in mainland Europe &  more recently having an increased presence in North America.

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We have a comprehensive range of standard products but can also supply other associated products tailored to meet customers specific requirements.
CC100 outer links different patterns
Dropped forged X type rivetless chain is manufactured in 348, 458, 658 and 678 and is extensively used in overhead trolley conveyors and its design gives increased strength and the ability to flex transversely on a smaller radius. This chain is manufactured from high carbon steels the most popular being SAE 1552 and SAE 4140.
This chain can also be supplied in a variety of conditions including zinc plated and hot dipped galvanised.

We also supply trolleys to meet most design requirements, the main types are caged wheels recommended for clean environments operating in temperatures between -20 degrees C and 150 degrees C or full ball wheels which are recommended for use in wash plant and oven applications. These have a maximum operating temperature of 250 degrees C subject to grease being used.


For lighter loads and temperatures plastic wheels may be appropriate, normal temperature range -20 degrees C to 80 degrees C with recommended maximum load of 100kg per wheel.

We also supply a dri- carb lubricant suitable for ovens and food grade applications which requires no re-greasing and reduces chain pull.

We also supply D8, E8 and F8 bi-planar chain along with mag 3 and mag 5 chain to numerous abattoirs, cement industries, assembly lines and paint shops and where a clean room environment is essential.

We supply various bend rollers and bearings which can be supplied to meet most dimensional specifications.


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Supplying all orders sizes from small fast response orders to large quantities.
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